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This game is a Ludum Dare 45 Submission. It is progressing game, where you need to run from the Minotaur, and if you can possibly defeat it! You can progress over time getting more stronger, and it is easier to kill the Minotaur!

Version 1.0

Game Made under 72hours, however game is very slow, and there's many bugs. Impossible to win the game without dying

Version 1.1

Game Fixed By Pedro Rainha.

Removed Combat System, remade whole level design with assets from artists. Made game less laggy. Fixed small bugs.


Right click - Bring torch up, can light other torches if close enough.
Left click - Attack if you have a sword
W-A-S-D - Move
E - open chest, grab torch from wall

R - To withdraw Sword



Pedro Rainha - Programmer(Person who Polished game)

Portfolio: https://pedro-rainha.com/

João Guilherme - Programmer

Freddy Hodge  - Programmer

Portfolio: https://freddiehodge.wordpress.com/

Oliver Price - Game Artist (Made Minotaur)

Umair Qazi - Game Artist

Pierre Anisimov - Made sounds

Tachan Harris - Game Artist (Art only found in first version)


LD45 1.0.rar 25 MB
LD45 1.1.zip 35 MB

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