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Feral Sitters is an absurd couch co-op game in which players impersonate incompetent animal characters and cooperate to take care of a human baby.

Our aim was to create a lighthearted, silly experience that could be enjoyed by a group of friends who like playing chaotic games together that involve both cooperating and messing with each other.



Adam Saidane: Tech Lead, Tools Programmer  [https://adamsaidane.games/]

Beatriz Sá: Programmer, Technical Artist, Technical Tester [https://barrythecoolbee.itch.io/]

Francesca Tremulo: Lead Game Designer, Narrative Designer, 2D Artist

João Diogo Nunes: QA Lead, Game Designer, Sound Artist [https://correia-de-brito.itch.io/]

Pedro Rainha: Programmer, Level Designer, UI Designer [https://pedrorainha.itch.io/]

 Zenan Wu: Producer, Game Designer, UI Designer [https://nananan86.itch.io/]


FeralSitters.zip 91 MB

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