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About Eglo

First Place Winner of ITU Lego Game Jam, won Award for best Digital and Physical game.

Eglo is an acronym of the word Lego Itself. Eglo is kind of broken and needs your help. One player plays with the Eglo Physically and the other one plays digitally, fixing Eglo from the inside.

Eglo was made in 39 hours in the ITU Lego Game Jam and won the top-place "Award" of best Digital and Physical game.

Game Jam Article: https://lnkd.in/d2hSrYs3

Game Creators

Pedro Rainha - Programmer : https://abnox.itch.io/

Mahmoud - Programmer: https://mbmtrex.wixsite.com/portfolio

Rickard Férnandez Mossner - Game Designer: https://rimo.itch.io/

Philip B. Johansen - Programmer: https://dulix.itch.io/



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AuthorsPedro Rainha, Dulix, RIMO


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Great game, looked very fun when you presented it 👏