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This game was made in under 2 days for the Global Game Jam 2020 using Unity. There was a team of four programmers, but one focused on doing the art assets. The theme for the game jam was "repair" and we decided to make a survival game in a Steampunk submarine underwater setting.

Holes will appear in the walls of the submarine and the player must repair them, but look out since you will lose fuel! The objective is to survive as long as possible and to get the highest score. If a hole is open for too long then squid like creatures will enter the submarine through the hole and will slowly chase after the you. Look out since they aren't friendly, but don't worry you can kill them too.

Github: https://github.com/MrAbnox/Global-Game-Jam-2020


WASD - Movement

Left Click - Attack.

E- Repair and Refuel.

Repair by right clicking in front of a hole.

Refuel the robot  by right clicking in the fuel room (center of the ship)!


GGJ.zip 39 MB

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