This game is a Mix and Jam submission, made in under 48 hours.  The theme for the jam was "Mix Genres", so the genre of this game is platformer, shooter, puzzle and physics-based game.

Use your gun to destroy wooden objects to help get the bomb to get to the goal location, without letting it explode. Make sure to move crates so ball doesn't go anywhere you don't want. Don't shoot the bomb, let the bomb or yourself hit spikes, and definitely don't touch the bomb.

Use the Grappling hook on any metal block to swing around!

Have fun playing!

Give us feedback if you want, so we can try to fix the bugs!


A/D - Move

Space/W - Jump

Left Click - Shoot

Hold Right Click - Grappling Hook onto metal


Pedro Rainha - Programmer: https://pedro-rainha.com/

Freddie Hodge - Programmer: https://freddiehodge.wordpress.com/

James Foss - Sound Designer: jamesfossaudio.com | linktr.ee

Kenney Assets (Button Select): https://www.kenney.nl/assets?q=audio

Music: https://opengameart.org/content/stereotypical-90s-space-shooter-music



Build.zip 25 MB

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