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Guide your flock home to keep them safe for the night, but be wary or you may receive a nasty surprise.

Somewhere out there, a cunning wolf hides waiting to eat you and your sheep, so act fast, don't get greedy, and keep your livestock away from that wolf at all costs.

Explore the map , tether sheep and guide them back to their pen to save them from the wolf. Each sheep you have tethered slows you down, so you may need to release some of them to gain speed in a dangerous situation. Save as many sheep as you can before you die or the wolf eats the remaining ones.

The surprise is a surprise!

Feel free to share your high scores below!


Use the W, A, S and D keys (left stick) to move. Press E (right trigger) near a sheep to tether it, and press R  (B or circle) to sever the tether.

Made by: 

Programmer - Pedro Rainha (https://pedro-rainha.com/)

Art - Freddie Hodge (https://freddiehodge.wordpress.com/)

Sound Design - James Foss (jamesfossaudio.com | linktr.ee)

Website Design - Matthew Gill

Credit to: 



"Relaxing" from Bensound.com

"Panic Attack" from https://www.purple-planet.com

cursor vector created by freepik - www.freepik.com

"Wolf5" from www.freesoundeffects.com

"Dog Bite Sound" from www.soundbible.com

"Magical Spell Poof" from The Orchard Enterprises

Made in Unity


A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.zip 60 MB


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That wolf actually managed to jumpscare me the first time around!

The atmosphere with the lights, the simple art style and especially with the music AND the sound really livens up the game! Loved this one!


Cool little short game...did NOT realize the wolf was dressed as a sheep, but looking at the title....shoulda known haha. Left a follow and hope you enjoy the vid! Your game starts about 10:43 in the video